Wilderness Lessons from Kara


The wilderness is a blessing meant to help us see God more fully and completely, to help us love Him more wholeheartedly, and to show us the importance of committing to Him above all else.” Priscilla Shirer


People in the wilderness.

Israelites. 40years.
Elijah by the brook.Though he had been perfectly faithful.
David, trained in a wilderness. Prepared him to fight Goliath.
John the Baptist.
Jesus 40days.


Wilderness seasons are not an accident.

Things to do in the wilderness:

Don’t sit back and think you have nothing to share with others.
Share what God has taught you. It glorifes God and blesses you.
Ask God to show you someone you can encourage.
Come along side someone behind you, teach them to be parents, or singles, or married.
Teach younger women truth.
Find a way to help in your community.
Sign up for a mission team
Be a prayer warrior.
Pray for the people that make your desert spot harder.


Wildernesses either prepare us for much larger plans or grow us closer to the Father so we can serve in our particular place.

Don’t run from it.

If you missed Monday’s podcast episode, titled “Wilderness Seasons” go listen here  or here.

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