Today. Jesus. Wins.

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I am terrified. I’m not even for sure what exactly I’m afraid of.

Just this fear comes over me.

Fear of not being perfect.

Fear of turning someone away.

Fear of not doing it right.

Fear of failure, fear of success. Fear of someone seeing thru the screen into my house and realizing how big my list of failures really is.

Fear of putting myself really out there. Fear of sharing my words with the world.

Fear of what Satan’s next big discouragement is going to be.

He is relentless. He is a huge loser.

He fills me with fear. Stops me in my tracks.

{I know, I really should go back and re-read my last post and play a little ‘Fear is a Liar’ on the speaker. again and again.}

But instead.

I write post after post in my head. Some even on paper. He fills me with fear to hit the publish button.

And so I give in and listen. For weeks. Meanwhile my insides are turning. My heart is pouring out words to fill pages and pages. My heart is crying out to just be brave enough to be the person God wants me to be.

I maybe even get ready to publish and yet another distraction. Another person who mentions they read it, and I don’t even realize they know I exist. And pow Satan has me down again.

Maybe its a reminder of some other gal out there killing it. Got the mother thing down pat. The wife thing perfected. And I just get a slight glimpse of her nailing yet another project, job or task. And I don’t measure up. Again, Satan has me again.

The results aren’t up to me so there’s no reason to fear. Just putting my hand into Jesus’ and trusting for every word I write. Every step I take. Just trusting. Jesus. Not listening to fear. Trusting Jesus.

So, here Satan, take this. In faith I am posting this. You can’t win. Jesus is on my side. Though you feed me fears and lies the truth is that Jesus wins in the end. So today. This minute. This post. Jesus Wins.


Dear Friend, have you been too afraid, too concerned, too scared to take the next step?? If so, make the choice today. Let Jesus Win!


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