Books I’ve Been Loving Lately

Introverted Mom — Jamie C Martin

Wow! Jamie nailed my personality in this book! {Maybe you feel a bit introverted, yourself? Read this book!} This book put into words what I couldn’t put my finger on. It was extremely eye opening. . . Yet, just because I might tend towards introverted… doesn’t give me a free pass to ignore my kids. I need to learn to make this mom thing work.  Jamie provides many practical ways to take care of ourselves so we can be the mama we need. (Even for our extroverted kiddos. Lol) Find out more here: Introverted Mom: Your Guide to More Calm, Less Guilt, and Quiet Joy


I Give Up — Laura Story

I once heard @laurastorymusic explain that her song “Blessings” is really a prayer that she whispers to herself at the end of a long day. Now I understand why.

I finished reading her new book #igiveup. 

In this book, Laura shares story after story of how her circumstances have needed her to give up her own will, dreams, wishes surrender them to God’s. Stories of her blessings, in the form of raindrops. Mixed in with these stories of personal surrender are sweet lessons she’s learned from the Bible.

This book is for anyone who has something to surrender to God… which I think includes all of us! See More



MOM – Master Organizer of Mayhem — Kristi Clover

This book is just 2 days old! First I have to say right from the start I LOVE the cover! Inside it’s filled with TONS of practical tips for keeping the mess of motherhood under control. Kristi doesn’t come across as a know it all that you need to do everything like she does… NOT at all. She’s a friend, coming along side your mess and giving you hope. She repeats over and over that these are just some things that have worked for her. She encourages you to find what works for you and your family.
 She shares 10 simple rules that will change our home life. My favorite is rule 2; don’t forget your top priorities. The third part of the book is all about systems…I can’t pick a favorite; the decluttering, chores and laundry chapters made the list of most needed in my life. 🙂

If you have a home with littles in in… you should buy the book. If you get overwhelmed and unable to take and leave ideas you read… you better not buy the book, there is NO way you can do everything in this book. And that is not why Kristi wrote it. She wrote it for you to pick out one or two things to make your home a joyfilled place. Not to copy her.

Learn more about it here: MOM-Master Organizer of Mayhem: Simple Solutions to Organize Chaos and Bring More Joy into Your Home


My “life changing book” pile

{Incase you need more to add to your wishlist ?}



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