Last Friday I got really down.

I had had a huge week and hadn’t taken anytime to take care of myself, physically or mentally. I got through the week just getting the neccesities done. For.everyone. Else. Putting everyone else before me. When inside I was crying out for help.

Friday Satan arrived. He began planting lies in my head. ‘You are not going to make it’ ‘That was a unwise descision’ ‘You shouldn’t have done that’ “That was stupid’


Then the things satan was telling me moved on to:

‘You are a failure’
‘No one likes you’
‘You are all alone’
‘No one likes your ideas’
‘They are just pretending’

Then Satan began to put names behind it:
‘Ethan didn’t like your idea’
‘______ is just pretending she likes it.’                                                                      ‘Ethan doesn’t even like you’
‘______ thinks you are a failure.’
‘Ethan thinks you are a failure.’




Those lies became so real. So real. That it transferred over to real life.

I believed that Ethan had outright said I was a loser. That the friend had outright said my idea was stupid. That the other friend had said she was pretending.

NO.HUMAN. PERSON. had said a word. . . YET I had heard it over and over again from Satan that I believed it to be true. I believed that I was indeed the failure satan said I was . . . And I begin to act like it.  I begin to treat them JUST like they had said those words to my face.

Not pretty.

Now this whole scenario, we have pretty well scripted.

Ethan and I have done it over and over and over again. This downward spiral. So we are getting pretty good at reconizing it and stopping it. Sometimes we get this stopped before it goes too far. Sometimes we don’t.

But here’s the deal; IT starts with Satan lying to me.

Friday night I heard a song— Fear is a lier.

Go listen to it. Here.


It’s the truth. If you dont think so, just read the words and replace fear with Satan.

Satan is a lier!

Friend, Satan is lieing to you because he wants to ruin you! Don’t listen to his lies. Don’t let his lies stop you in your tracks. Don’t let his lies get into your head.

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