12 Gift Ideas

Twelve Christmas Gift Ideas

I picked out a few of our family favorite things – I think you may find they are your favorite too!

1. Bible Tabs

Book of the Bible Tabs to customize your Bible.

2. Not In A Hurry

I love all things September & Co… especially this glass. Comes with a lid and glass straw.

3. Walk it Out

One of my new favorites from the list I’ve read this year.

4. Vertical Marriage

I found this book a while back… it’s still my favorite book on marriage. It’s the one we give for wedding gifts.

5. Bible Highlighters

The girls have been using Bible highlighters… normal colors… but when I went looking and found these I loved the colors.

6. Flourish T-shirt

Again I love September & Co, her tees are soft and comfy. Did I mention cute?

7. Kindling Splitter

We use this a lot; campfires and for fires in our wood stove. We heard it was designed by a homeschooled teen girl from New Zealand. Made in Australia.

8. Animal Character Cards

Did I mention I love September & Co? These cards make me wish she was around when I had toddlers.

9. Kilter

We found this game last year and it’s still a favorite. Perfect for any age to join in, we took it to family gatherings & had grandmpas and uncles join in.

9. Pigeon Forge – TTD Convention

If I would have to pick one thing every homeschool family should do … it’d be to go to a TTD convention. It’s an amazing experince to be surrounded by other homeschool families.

11. Paprika

You may not think of an app as being a great gift… I enjoy this app! You can add recipes right from websites or add your own. You can adjust, edit, change the amount serving… and so much more. Try it. I wish I had been brave sooner. (also, I heard it was on sale this week)

12. The Wonder Of Creation

This is our second devotional from Louis Gigilo. We sure enjoy it!

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