Thankful for the Hard! *Repost*

This year I am thankful for ‘The Hard’.
‘The Hard’ pushed me the point of brokenness.
‘The Hard’ made me realize I needed Christ.
‘The Hard’ made me work.
‘The Hard’ made me soul search.
‘The Hard’ opened my eyes to the bitterness I had in my heart.  The hatred I was hiding.
‘The Hard’ made me search the Bible for the answers.
‘The Hard’ made me stop listening to men’s thoughts and opinions.
‘The Hard’ made me search for the TRUTH.
‘The Hard’ made me start listening to the Holy Spirit.
‘The Hard’ caused me to run to Jesus.
‘The Hard’ made me NEED HIM
Because of ‘The Hard’ I now have a relationship with Christ!
The Lord whispered all this to me.
He showed me that this Thanksgiving I need be thankful for ‘The Hard’.
He reminded me what all ‘The Hard’ in my Life has brought to me.
How much ‘The Hard’ has pruned and molded me into who I am becoming today.
He whispered all this to me.  Later, that very same day I heard Joni Eareckson Tada’s 5 minute radio program.  Here is a link so you can listen or read the message she shared on Thanksgiving Eve. Her message was just what Christ had been whispering to me.
Be thankful for ‘The Hard’ in your life. 
Be thankful for the brokenness. 
Because ‘The Hard’ brings you to Christ.
I struggle with the hard everyday.
This minute.
The hard, and the brokenness is still bringing me to Christ.


How has ‘The Hard’ in your life brought you closer to Christ?  What ‘Hard’ are you thankful for this year?   Leave a comment!

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