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Is learning feeling a bit drab as we reach the end of the school year? (And come out of this LONG winter?)

If you are anything like me, sneaky learning becomes a necessity when the sun is out and the warmth is calling. The kids are SO ready to get outside this spring. I completly get it; I don’t feel like staying inside and doing dishes either. Haha

We’ve been doing spelling words on the sidewalk, and taking our classes outside. We never skip a recess. We check the mail several times. Picnics are also back in full swing!

Today I got something fun for the Easter weekend!  You know how Easter Dinner goes… it’s time for dinner and there is that lag time, as all the kids have to wait to get their food, or at then end when they have to wait for all the parents get done eating.  Well . . . I teamed up with to bring you a helpful solution to help make that “wait” time more bearable; A FREE worksheet from! It’s fun and they will hardly realize they are actually doing school. “Sneaky Learning”

If you are a grandma, aunt, or mom, click the download and get some copies printed off for this weekend! Sometime this weekend you will find the kids waiting … and thanks to you can be their hero!

Host a race to see who finds the words the quickest … guarantee you will become the  “favorite” during that wait 🙂

Or maybe you are a homeschool mom and need some sneaky learning while the littles wait for the bigs to finish their school…. Yep, That’s me.

Anyways, however you use it. Enjoy! And a big thanks to for offering it to my readers!


{password is spring}

Learning opportunities are in full bloom with this spring-themed word search. Kids will have lots of fun hunting for words while they reinforce their spelling, vocabulary and word recognition skills. Even more fun spelling and vocabulary resources are just a click away at!

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