Has God been answering the prayers you whispered on January 1st?

I recently found the journaling I did on the first day of 2019. The worries, the concerns, but also the excitement of possibilities that were on the horizon. I read the prayer I had written on that day.
I had prayed that I would see Jesus in 2019.
I prayed that in quiet places He would show me who I was created to be.
I had prayed that He would mold me into that person.
I thought the answers to this prayer would look a certian way. Feel a certain way. And especially it would include an exciting new role.
Some of the things that were exciting on the horizon… ummmm they flopped. Popped like a big balloon hitting the ceiling. In just a couple months time. Lifelong dreams crashed in the form of rejections.
But as I read the prayer I wrote the first day of the year… I realized even if it hasn’t looked the way I thought it would… He has been answering my prayer.
I see the hand of Jesus all through those rejections. I’ve become a different person then I would have been, had I been invited into those paths. In quiet places, He IS showing me who He made me to be.
And so, I can be thankful for rejections.
It make me wonder, what about your new year? Have you already had dreams pop like a baloon? Have you had rejections already in this short months? Have you already experienced disappointments?
I bet so.
Though different than you thought it would look… has God still been answering your prayers?
Can you see how the path He has you on is taking you into a closer relationship with Him?
I hope so! Because really THAT is only dream worth having.
“Lord, let me grow closer to You this year.”

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