What is God Whispering to You?

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Have you ever heard of my friend, Rachael Carman?  She is a homeschool mom, writer, blogger, speaker. Her blog, “His Sunflower” (now it’s RachaelCarman.com)”  really spoke to me at a very low point in my life.
I’ve been reading her book  “How Many Times Do I Have To Tell You?” Wow, This is a great read!  She talks about the many things she has found herself telling her kids, over and over and over again; only to realize, God is telling her the SAME thing.
As I listened to her talk on this, and as I read her book.  I find this concept so true!!
I wonder about you?  Do you find yourself saying things to the people around you?  Over and over again?  Your husband, your children, the people you work with.  Maybe you are a little more self-controlled than I and keep your thoughts in your mind rather then saying things out loud.  If so, what thoughts do you find on the tip of your tongue?
What is it?  
What are those things you say over and over? 
What are those things you think over and over?
Let me give you an example from Rachael’s book.
One thing she found herself saying a lot was ‘Slow down’.  Do you find yourself telling that to any of your little people?  They are doing their school fast and sloppy, you say ‘Slow Down’.  They are pouring their own milk and you see the newly mopped floor in danger, you say ‘Slow Down!’  You say ‘Slow down’ to the hubby speeding on the way to church (this one is not mine!! lol).  You say ‘slow down’ to the crazy person that just past you in a no passing zone.
Does God ever Whisper to you ‘Slow Down’?
He does me.
He tells me to slow down when we find our family missing supper time together for too many nights in a row.  ‘Slow down, and enjoy your family.’
He tells me to slow down, when I find myself rushing to leave the house in a big stressed hurry.  He tells me  ‘Slow down, it won’t be the end of the world if you are late’
He tells me to slow down when the events of the day are caving in, and I haven’t had time to quiet my worried mind. ‘Slow down my child, and listen to me’
He says ‘Slow down, and let Me speak to your heart’
He says ‘Slow down, and let’s talk a while’
He says ‘Slow down and let Me show you how much I love you’
He says ‘Slow down and listen to My Holy Spirit’
He says ‘Slow down and hear My Voice’
He wants to say ‘Slow Down’ to each of us.
That is just one of the examples Rachael spoke of in her book.  She has 68 different things she finds herself saying to her kids, that really God is trying to say to her.
As I read this book, I have started trying to pay attention to what I say OVER and OVER again.  WOW!  I have been amazed.  There are times I find myself saying something again and quick write it down.  Later when I go back to the note, I am amazed!  When I have quietness and think over the words I say;  I realize God is trying to whisper those same thoughts to me.
God is whispering the same thoughts to me.
I’d like to share these Little Lessons I’ve been learning with you as time goes on.  For now, I leave you with the thought:
What are you saying to your people, is God trying to whisper the same lesson to you?  
I’d love to hear from you, Leave a comment!

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