A Look in the Rear Veiw Mirror

The other day I was driving by myself. Kinda one of those relaxing, on auto pilot type drives. At a stop sign I stopped, checked, and then drove through the intersection. A little ways beyond the intersection I happened to glance in my rear view mirrior.
I saw one of those HUGE white vans go speeding thru the intersection.
My heart skipped a beat.
I wasn’t that far away from the road. How had I not seen it coming? Even more, how had it missed crushing me?
It got my thinking. How many times do I not even know how much danger I was just in?
Not just with driving. But in life? How many times have I went through an intersection in life and just barely missed colliding with the “big white van”?
A bit ago, I was discouraged and just couldn’t see past the future. I beat my personal records for the most crying I’ve done in a day. Part of my dread was towards an upcoming holiday. In my emotional state satan had an advantage over me and placed dread in my mind for the holiday. It looked much like a big white van crashing into my vehicle.
However a couple days later the feelings of depression, anxiety, and dread lifted. I could feel it lift. The holiday came and went without incident.
Had those two days crossed paths in the intersection of life; I may not be here to tell the story.
Friend, God is good. Even when we don’t realize it.
And sometimes He just lets us get a glimpse of what might have happened in the rear view mirrior.
Just a glimpse to remind us how weak we really are, and how strong He really is!
What are you seeing in the rear view mirrior today? Have you been paying attention to the way God is looking out for you?

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