Depending On The Road Signs

I was recently driving on a road I don’t normally travel. It was late at night. The moon was full but the road was still dark. It was a road with many curves. It was a road that often had Amish buggies, bikers, and people walking. I was sitting on the edge of my seat with both hands on the wheel.


Should I mention how well the girls were helping my current situation? Remember I said it was late?!  They were half awake, half asleep and they were letting us know they were unhappy. Lol!  {I may or may not have lost it and messed completely up — but that wasn’t the lesson I wanted to talk about this time. }


As I was driving I realized I was leaning heavily on the road signs. Stop sign here. Curve here. Complete 90 degree angle coming up. Every single one of those signs I read and anticipated. I planned my actions. I thought through each sign.


I couldn’t see a thing. I could only trust the signs to show me what was coming up in the road ahead.


And I wonder. What about in my life? How many times does it look so dark? The only thing I see about the road ahead of me is a little road sign… How may times does God just give me one little glimpse of where I’m going next? How many times does He says to follow it one step at a time. One little road sign at a time and the Holy Spirit says,


“Follow the way I point. Even if it is in the dark.”


Maybe you find yourself on a similar dark road; just follow those road signs, my friend.  One step at a time.


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