Do You Hear It?


My devotional this morning spoke of the promise Jesus speaks to us.  “I am with you.  I am with you.  I am with you.”

It got me thinking.  Do I hear it?  Do I hear Jesus saying that to me?  Do you hear Jesus saying that to you?
There are times, very vivid in my mind, where I heard that loudly.   I have the memory of that voice in my head.  Most of the times when I heard “I am with you” have been during hard times.
One was a very low point in as a teen, I was walking and saw His face in the clouds and heard a voice saying “I am with you, Keep going”  Wow, I remember it like it was yesterday.
Another time was after I was married and we had our real estate tax due the next day.  I had absolutely NO IDEA how we were going to pay it.  Why didn’t I know to save for the real estate tax?  Well, that’s another story for another day; for now back to hearing God. 🙂  I went to the mailbox and there was a check for just $10 different then the real estate bill.  WOW.  I heard that loud and clear.  “I am with you” Still so amazing to me today, how God cared about our little family.
There were times, when I was questioning if I should still be selling Pampered Chef that His voice was loudly saying to me “I am with you”.
When the girls were sick in the night, I heard Him speaking to me and helping me through it.
With being self employed there are many times when the money in and the money out match perfectly and again I am reminded “I am with you”
There are other times too.  With each of our girls’ births, with each job change, with buying the duct cleaning business, with each house we’ve bought, with the food trailer we bought.
This list could go on and on and on.
Those amazing, life changing moments, don’t happen every day.
Most days are average, 
most days are mundane, 
most days are me just plugging along.
So, what about right now.  Do I hear Jesus in the ‘everyday moments’?
Do I Hear His Voice right now?
Do I hear Him whispering, “I am With You” this very moment, this very day?
Do YOU hear Jesus in YOUR everyday? In your right now?  Do you hear Him?

This is Truth. 
He speaks to us in the everyday.  
He speaks to us in the mundane.  
He speaks to us in the right now.
The real question is:
Do we?

I want to.  I love to hear His voice.  I love to feel Him speaking to me.  I love that song and lightness He puts in my step when I feel Him saying “I am with you”How?  How do we keep that?  How do we stop and listen to His voice?  How do we keep that voice in our minds?That song in our hearts? That joy in our step?  That voice in our heads reminding us, He is with us.

We need to spend time with Him, hearing His clear voice.  That is the only way to hear Him in the everyday.   Having a Relationship with Him is the only way to hear Him in the everyday, in the mundane.  
When we have a relationship, we can hear Him whisper “I am with you” even when the loudness of the day is going on.  When the noise of the children, the bickering of co-workers, the banging of supper dishes, the Everyday, the mundane is all going around; we need a relationship.  When need to have spent time knowing our God.  Spent time listening for our God.
If we stop and listen He has a lot to tell us.
Join in, when is a time you heard Jesus saying, “I am with you”.  Leave comment or email me.  I’d love to hear from you.
Dear Jesus, Help us to spend time with You, help us to carve time out of our busy day and be silent and listen.  Give us the ear to hear you in the mundane, in the everyday days.  We long to hear your voice. Open ours hearts and ears.  Help us to carry the song in our souls as we live today. Amen.
I’m praying you enjoy God’s Big Blessings today!



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