Satan wants you to think motherhood is a waste of time.

Satan is out to ruin mamas. Any way possible.


One way he tries to ruin mamas is to make them feel like what they are doing is a waste of time.


And it works. At least it did for me. Till I found out his plan.



I want to be a world changer. I want to make a difference. But when satan makes me think motherhood is a waste of time… I start being bitter towards it.  I look around and say “what is the point” I ask myself why. I complain. I grumble. I start ingonrning my kids. I spend a lot of time on mindless scrolling through my phone.


When I think motherhood is a waste of time I try to “be anywhere but inside motherhood.” It takes my focus off WHO I’m called to be. And where i’m suposed to change lives at. I start seeing my kids as a nuisance rather than a blessing.


When I feel like what motherhood is a waste of time; I go out and try to find something to do that has purpose. Something that will change the world. I run from my calling as a mom. I run from the HUGE purpose right in front of me.
Satan has me.



I MISS out on how precious my kids really are. I miss out seeing the funny little things that happen through out the day. I miss the gleam in their eyes when they learn something new. I miss relationship with them.


I miss out.


And that is just where satan wants me. If he can numb me. Get me unfocused. Make me feel useless in motherhood. . . Then He can get to my kids. An open door to get my kids to slip through the cracks. (Really an open door to get in my marriage too.)


Friend, we can NOT let satan steal one more day of our motherhood. You can NOT, I can NOT, let satan tell me it doesn’t matter. MOTHERHOOD is important!



Motherhood is important and Satan is a loser!


#motherhoodisimportant #dontbelieveSatan’slies

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