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How do we, as women, measure success?  How do we know if we are successful?


In the professional world, we might measure success by raises and promotions. In the writing world its writing contracts and number of best sellers in print. In the direct selling world it would be personal sales goals and promoting to director, and in the end earning the reward trip. In the church, what would that be? Sunday school teacher, and being voted to be on a committee, or husband put in as minister.

Success seems to be measured differently depending what we are talking about.
Success even seems to be measured differently with each person you may ask.


For example in direct sales -success for one person might be just having two parties in a month, another person might want 6 parties a month and promote to director.

For example in the church- some people might wish and wish to be the minister wife, and another would call BBQing for the church potluck a success. 😉


So success looks different even among our individual eyes.


What about us as a couple, how do you measure success in your marriage? Does a successful marriage just mean avoiding divorce? Or does it mean your husband makes you happy 24/7? Does it mean more than that to you? Is it deeper than just your own happiness? What does a successful marriage look like?


What about us, as moms? Having our kids all dressed to a ‘T’ and hair combed? Having our Pinterest or Instagram boards looking happy and exciting?  Maybe it is homeschooling where we get our success measurement from? Is it having our kids reading by age 4 and potty trained by age 1.5? Is it being able to show off their knowledge to people we run into. Is success as a mom found by looking perfect to everyone? Having the perfect house, and perfect kids? Is that success?



What about us as women, do we fall into bed at the end of the day feeling like a success? Do you have a list that gets done each day and that is how you measure your success? Do you have a schedule you go by and if it goes smoothly that day then you have reached success? Is a clean house your success? What about laundry, everything folded and put away and dirty bins emptied— success? Bank account full and over flowing, and no debts —success? Healthy and no visits to the doctor for the month is that success?


How do you measure it?


All of the things we mentioned, they are fleeting. They last only days, sometimes they only last minutes. Is that success?


In the writing class I was listening to this week, the teacher made this comment, and it really hit me:

‘God does not measure success with the same eyes that we do.’

It got me wondering, how does GOD measure success?

In the professional world? the writing world? the direct sales world? the church?

What about in our personal life? Our marriages, our relationships, our mommyness (correct word would be parenting) and our own personal mind?


{{How about I stop now and you all add in the comments the answers to my question? Because I do not have the answer. How does God measure success?}}  😉

Is that question as hard for you to answer, as it is for me?

I want to say the answer is the finished to-do list, the clean house and the laundry finished and no dishes. I want to say its the book on the best seller list, the raise and the promotion. I want to say it’s cooking awesome BBQ for big get-togethers. I want to say its a big house and ‘perfect’ looking life. But is it?


I don’t think so.

I wonder if it is deeper than all of that?

I know its deeper than all of that. You do too right. Yet what is it?


Leave a comment- what does success look like in your life?  How do you know you have been a success?


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