Christian Lice?


I know, I know.  These are ants, not lice.  But come on, have YOU ever seen a good picture of lice?
Recently a lice epidemic went thru our church, church private school and family.
The story goes, a couple girls had it early in the spring.  Parents dealt with it, treated the affected persons hair and went on with life.  They didn’t tell anyone.
As time went on the lice moved on too. They infected the same family a second time (well more like continued to live with the family).  Because these families didn’t deal with the lice properly the first time, washing all their clothes, bedding, treating their furniture, and bagging up toys and stuffed animals; they continue to reinfect themselves.  Because they did tell anyone; they continued life as it had been; sleepovers, sharing brushes, going to school, hanging coats alongside others on the coat rack.

You know the rest of the story right?

Before long Multiple families had it. Multiple people in each family had it. School was canceled.  Local Laundry mats were quite busy. The gal at Rite Aid began to wonder as person after person came in for nit treatments.
Time, as they once knew it, had stopped for many families.
So does this story apply to our life?  Is there a little lesson that can be learned?   Yes, my friends, there is!
Think with me about something else that effects each of us. Sin. Just a little bug.  It could be a sin of anger, lying, gossip, bitterness,  physical or emotional adultery.  It could be envy, strife.  It could be a idol in our life.  SIN.  ‘Sin Lice’

There are times, that God reveals to us that we have ‘bugs of sin’ on our head.
Suppose we hide it. Suppose we don’t treat it fully, we don’t wash our clothes and sheets. We contiune our life as it has been, we keep being busy, we don’t stop to deal with the sin.  We hide from everyone around us, everyone exposed to us, that we even have a problem.  Others have it too. But no one shares their struggle with anyone else.  What happens?
Just like lice, sin breads more sin. 
Let me give you a supposed scenario.  Certainly this is in no way talking about me, it is just a story. Ok, ok, maybe I have done something like this before.  Say it is jealousy nagging at my brain; soon it leads me to anger towards the person I’m jealous of.  Anger and jealousy consumes my mind, every day. Then my kids get infested with the bug; because because I’m uptight and not focused on them and I start yelling.  I’m not patient with my hubby. My home is not a safe haven for anyone.  Yet I hide it.   Have you been here too?  Or am I the only one?
The ‘sin lice’ is spreading, yet I am not treating it.  I do not admit to any others how I am feeling;  I don’t let on at all that I’m are struggling.  In fact I do quite the opposite; I let on that everything is wonderful. Things are perfect. I have everything under control on the outside.  Yet inside I am full of bugs, sin lice. My heart is invested.  And all that just started with one, ‘sin lice’; jealousy.
Looking around everyone else is hiding their sin problem too.  Everyone looks perfect and unapproachable.  Please tell me I’m not the only one with this problem.  ((Actually, I do know that answer.  the Bible says we have ALL fallen short of the Glory of God.))
What now? How can we end this? What is the solution to ‘Sin Lice’? How can we keep this very thing from spreading, how do we treat this very thing in each of our lives?
Be honest.
Be honest. That’s right, that’s the first part of getting rid of head lice and the first part of getting rid of ‘Sin Lice’.
When you are struggling, tell someone. This is the first way to stop this from spreading to others.  Warn them. Tell them your experience. Warn them it happened to you.  Ask people to pray for you.
Confess your faults one to another,
and pray one for another, that ye may be healed.
James 5:16 
You know you do this in moderation right?  Just as you don’t stand up and announce you have lice Sunday morning in the middle of service; this also doesn’t have to be done in crazy measures.  How about a ‘I’m having a rough day’ when a friend asks the age old ‘how are you?’ question.  It’s one step in being honest .  (Note: Some people may not be ready for honest answers to questions like that; but that whole discussion is for another day!!)
Another part of being honest is, be honest to your self.  Don’t hide you have a problem.  You have a problem. We all do! We all have to fight some form of this issue. You are not weak because you have the wrong feelings or thoughts. When you are honest and admit to your self that you have a problem; you are on the road to treating the problem.
Just as we wash sheets, laundry, clothes, treat furniture, etc we need to clean out our heart. Treat the problem.  There are many forms of treatment for sin.  Remember though:
All treatment for sin includes CHRIST.
He is the answer.  It might be through reading the Bible, going to church, talking with a professionally trained counselor, it might include writing. It might help to read a recommended christian book on the topic. Praying. This process certainly includes praying. Asking for forgiveness, to God, others and your self.
We need to deal with our ‘Sin lice’.  We need to Treat it.  We need to stop it before it spreads into more sin.  We need to stop it from spreading to others, and prevent it from reinvesting ourselves.  The quicker we get rid of the lice the less chance there is of it spreading.
How do you deal with Head SIN lice?  Do you find it hard to tell others you are struggling?  How does your church foster a safe place to help you deal with sin?

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  1. Before having the dream I had lice I thought I was on the right road then I started doing self reflection and thinking God uses dreams to give you message if you can’t hear thank you Lord for the dream I need to start cleaning areas in my life my mind and heart.

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