Changing Up The Way We Walk


Our garage has been bursting at the seams for a while. The previous owners had a ramp in place at the doorway to the house. It was handy. Handy when we moved in furniture, carried groceries in, and needed to run our quick for something in the freezer. The kids of course loved it to ride rollerblades, hoverboards and even an occasional bike down it. {insert roll eyes from this mama} Handy, yes. But took up more room than necessary. 


We had talked about taking it out since we moved in. But you know how that goes, right? Sometimes house projects take longer to think about then actually doing it. 🙂 


Finally a couple weeks ago it was time, the ramp came out. We had never seen the steps underneath… they were pitiful!  (Like lots of other things about the construction of this house.) They were crooked, like 2 inches higher on one of the sides. {insert roll eyes again} 


Those steps lasted 5 minutes and the destruction began. 


The day we lived with no steps was interesting. We were used to swinging that door open and flying straight down the ramp. Before a rather large sign was placed up on the doorway to alert us of the upcoming cliff … one of the girls forgot and ran down the “ramp”. Ugh. 


The next day the floor of the mud room was constructed and new steps created. (My hubby is so talented) 


So now you are like, ok Trudie, that was interesting but what is the POINT?!  


As we’ve been getting used to the new layout, missing ramp, and new steps I’ve seen thing through different eyes. For one we had to move everything. Secondly the way we walk out of the house is different.  


Moving everything makes you realize stuff was sitting there that didn’t belong there in the first place. 


Moving everything and putting stuff back makes you realize what is important to have close by. 


Moving everything and putting stuff back makes you realize what was missing. 


Walking out in a different way, different direction, just makes you realize where you are walking, you notice every step (insert fear of falling off the cliff)  you walk with thankfulness that a change has occurred. 


When everything was the same, we just did the same thing over and over. Not even taking thought to what doesn’t belong, what was important to have close by, or what was missing. We don’t even notice it. 


You begin to just methodically deal with the clutter. You don’t even realize how a bit of change could help.


Pretty sure I’m talking about life right now. 


When our life is just going on… time is flying, the clutter and busyness… sometimes we don’t realize what is important to have close by. Sometimes we don’t realize that something is missing. 


Sometimes we need to change up the way we walk, so we can see things through different eyes. 


Do you need to change up the way you are walking? {thanks Covid, we have arrows on the floor of which way to walk} No, seriously though.  Have we been in some bad habits; methodically shuffling past clutter in our life, have you forgotten what is important to keep close by, have we been missing that should be a part of our life? 


Change up the way you walk. 


Perhaps it’s rearrange a room, clean off a counter, or clean your car.  But maybe it’s even simpler than that. Maybe it’s put the instagram app in a different spot on your home screen. In fact, maybe it’s clean up the whole screen. Maybe it’s taking the work apps and putting them in a folder of their own, so you are not met with notifications while you are off work. Maybe it’s moving that book you’ve been wanting to read out to the family room instead of gathering dust on your nightstand. Maybe it’s setting your Bible out so you remember to read it. 


Who knows what it is for you. But try it. Change up the way you walk. It’s amazing how different things look. 


(If you want to hear two questions that I’m asking myself as I’m “changing up the way I walk” in 2020… check out this post.)

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