Learning Little Lesson celebrated it’s 8th birthday in June!
I took a bit of rest from the blog, podcast, email news letter during the 7th year. I love honoring a 7th year rest. (Have you ever tried it? Or a seventh week rest, or a seven day/ sabbath rest) ?
This summer I also took a rest in more major ways (I’ll tell l you about it more personally in my email newsletter going out on Thursday, so I won’t repeat it here.) But it’s was very healing and I learned so many things.
One thing I’m learning is that I need to admit who I really am. I’ve been trying to hide the fact that I’m a homeschool mom. I wanted my writing and ministry to be for anyone. Well, not anyone really, I started off just writing with people in my church in mind. While that may still be the case, my heart is really with homeschool mamas.
Sooooo…. Drum roll… I’m reviving The Encouraged Homeschool Mom Instagram page. Go check it out. I’m going to be posting there for homeschool mamas — the goal is to help homeschool moms remember they are not alone. You will see some branding and different parts to the website appear as I have time to make changes. In the meanwhile, if you aren’t on my monthly email get on it!

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