God cares about Our Homeschool


God called us to homeschool for another year.  The school teacher in me starting planning, buying art supplies, ‘Google’ing curriculum, setting a schedule, reading books. You know the pattern.  Preparing for another great school year.

I bought a 50 state curriculum. And printed it. And bound it. And printed the student worksheets. And printed the stickers. And bought passports for each kid. And bought flash cards.  (Ya that’s a lot of ands… but I need them for effect, I promise.)

Let’s see.

Then I and a friend got together and planned out how we were going to do a co-op. Once a week, 11:30 to 1:00.  We planned which days. We talked about what activities we were going to do through out the year.

What next?

I bought a new spelling curriculum. The teacher book, the student book. For the kindergartener.

We bid on and won, at a benefit auction, a preschool curriculum for the 3 year old.

I signed up for a one year fitness program for the kids.  I printed out the books, bound all the books, watched all the exercise how-to videos, printed the workbooks and coloring books, and bought the extra fitness equipment the program required.

I bought shape bean bags for exciting learning games with the little tots. I bought a silly sentences game for the older girls.

I organized the schoolroom again.  I set up bins for their school supplies and bought them clipboards for their work.

You get the point, right??  My to-do list was getting smaller. I was feeling prepared.

Yes, I was ready.


And then, God watched.

He watched as the 50 state curriculum stressed me out.

He watched as the friend we did co-op with had a huge schedule change, He watched as we floundered around trying to find new dates and new times to do co-op.  (Once when we finally did get a time to get together, 5minutes after they got to our house I realized one of mine had a fever!!  Later after they left the fever was gone too.). God had to be laughing at me.

The spelling curriculum for the kindergartener?  Welllll, it.is.still.an.empty.workbook.

The preschool curriculum, it is ready to go for this year.  It did not get touched last year.

Fitness program? Humm, I wonder, when does that year subscription expire? Good thing it was cheap.

I just found a new game, and new set of color beans bags, on my shelf just the other day. They were still not opened.

Finally have a new use for the bins, see the picture. 🙂

Mailboxes- she just made this while I was writing this post.  She had no idea I was writing about this 🙂

Yes, you get the point.  Nothing I had prepared turned out like I had planned.  NOTHING.

So here’s the lesson I learned; God KNOWS the FUTURE.

God knew the gal I did co-op with was going to need to adjust her schedule because of her hubby’s shift change.  God knew we were going to be sick 1/2 of the winter. God knew we were going to remodel and move all while trying to sell the house we were living in. God knew all that.  Only He can see it all.

So now, when God calls me to Homeschool I need to ASK.HIM.  Ask Him, what He wants me to teach. ASK HIM what He wants me to buy.  ASK HIM if He wants me to be in a co-op group.

Will I get it wrong again? Yes, probably. For now, I know He cares about our homeschool and I want Him to lead it.

Lord, forgive me for taking your assignment of homeschooling my girls and running with it.  Forgive me for not stopping to ask You how and what to include in our school.  Thank you for teaching me that you care about our homeschool.  You care about our needs, you care about our curriculum.  Show us this summer as we prepare for next school year. Lead us in the paths we should pursue. In Jesus Name. Amen.


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