My Homeschool Doesn’t Look Like Yours




OK, confession time. These are not my children and this is NOT what you will find us doing at our house during school!
And guess what!? It is OK.  Maybe this is what your children look like and what your idea of learning is. Maybe you enjoy science and your kids are learning chemistry at the age of four.
Here’s another confession. Ready?
If you would have told me your three and four year old were learning chemistry … three years ago; I would have looked up the curriculum, and maybe even ordered it. I would have spent hours researching it, hours trying to figure out if we had the money.  I would have spent hours picturing how perfect it would be for us.

Seriously.I ran ragged trying to keep up with everyone and everything. There were good meaning people out there, other homeschoolers, who would share what they thought the greatest curriculum was.  Like it was the.only.way.  You know like folding towels. There is only one way to do it right. Only one way to do laundry. Only one way to menu plan. Oh yes, one way to dress too. Especially if you are a homeschooler.

I left these conversations discouraged, I felt inferior, I felt like a loser. I felt like I was ruining my girls.
You mean they didn’t know all 12 parts of a flower and know what they did at age five?  Surely, I was failing!
WRONG!  I was so wrong. Those feelings I had of being inadequate, was all wrong.
I learned a little lesson.
I learned that my homeschool, my calling, my life, is different than yours.
 He hasn’t called me to be a gardener, own a greenhouse and teach my children the art of helping things grow.  (And all the 12 parts to a flower by age 3)
He hasn’t called me to be a farmers wife, know how to do chores and be strong enough to carry my 3 month old in a sling while feeding the caves. All while teaching fractions to the three kids following me around.
He hasn’t called me to be super Spanish amazing mom and teach my children two languages. (btw I’m still trying to teach them to listen to one language and obey.)
Am I special?
Are you special?
Do we have a calling?
Do we have something He asked us to do?
Is there something unique He is asking us to teach our children?
Here’s the answer;  Has God given you children?
Really the question is; has God given you breath right now?
If Yes. THEN He has something unique for you to do.  He has a special way He wants you to teach your children. A special something that only YOU and your experience can show them.
Maybe it is simply the math curriculum you use, He called you to it because someday your child is going to need decimals, as an accountant and this curriculum is strong in that.  Maybe you design a state notebook for your kids to log what they learn as your husbands work takes you on business trips.  It could be a method you find that works for making the Bible come alive for your children. Maybe it is that you really find chores important and you teach your child the wonderful value of work.  Perhaps you are a strong budgeter and pass that along to your children.  Maybe you simply teach your children to READ so they can find Jesus through reading the Bible.
Whatever it is, your homeschool will look different than mine. IT IS OK!!
Join in, Do you ever feel inadequate hear what other people are doing in their homeschool?  How can people share ideas with you without making you feel inferior?  And last of all, we are all special; what about your homeschool or your family is special?

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  1. You said it right in your prayer! Help us to find what is right for our family! Whether we are a family of twelve or two, in the city or country, home schooling, public schooling, or private schooling…

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