Speeding on the Way to Church

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Sunday morning.  Late, late late.  This is us every Sunday morning.
Seriously.  It is bad!
Just the other day as I was taking my 4 year old to Sunday School she started crying.  She looked at the Sunday school door and starting to cry she said ‘Mommy, Sunday school is OVER!!!   I missed Sunday School!!’  Sniff sniff, cry cry.    I said ‘ No sweetie that is what it looks like when we are ON TIME for Sunday school!!  The door is OPEN!!’  She had never seen the door open except for at the END.  Every time she gets there the door is closed already.  Everytime she gets there we are LATE.
I HATE being late.  It stresses me out, it makes me mad mad mad. It makes me yell and scream.  I HATE being late.
SO week after week, Sunday was awful.  I made enemies, and brought division between me and my hubby.  Week after week.  All the same.
Thankfully I listened to God’s voice.
Slowly He got through to me.
First He really pinpointed me down and asked me WHY did I want to be early?  Why was it so important to me?  Why did it make or break my whole day?
Those questions were hard to hear.  I pondered them for several weeks.  I found out I wanted to be on time:
#1  To look like I had my life under control.  (false, my life is NOT under control)
#2  To give a picture of a great Godly family.
#3  To be on the ‘good list’  (Is there a ‘good’ list at your church?)
I wanted to impress people.  All those reasons included other people.  Not my family. Not God.  But just other people.  People I didn’t know.  People I didn’t spend time with.  People I didn’t have any relationship with.
The Holy Spirit went on to tell me that my relationships were more important than being early for church.
My relationship with my family, is more important than impressing people at church.
My relationship with my husband is more important than putting on a good front.
My relationship with HIM is more important than anything anyone else thinks of me.
I had to make a decision.
Was I going to speed to church and stress relationships with people I loved
 while trying to impress people I hardly knew
Was I going to slow down, make sure I enjoyed relationships with the people I loved and possibly be late to church?
Thankfully. God showed me which choice He wanted for me and my life.
No Impressing others.  No being the first to church. No records broken.


No Yelling.  No tears. No unneeded hurt feelings.  No speeding on the way to church.
Join In, How is your drive to church Sunday morning?  Leave a comment.

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