A Mommy’s Christmas


Young woman with heap of Christmas presents
The life of a mom is hard. The life of a mom is busy. The life of a mom is sleepless. The life of a mom is not her own.  This Christmas finds mom’s everywhere, planning, shopping, wrapping, baking, cooking, cleaning. . . the to-do list goes on forever.  After Christmas will find moms everywhere, cleaning again, doing dishes, taking out the trash.


Even the Christmas Day is not a day off for the mom. Christmas Day finds her, preparing meals, presenting gifts, changing diapers, dressing children, preparing for get togethers, then at the get-together she finds herself in a quiet room trying to get the baby to sleep in the odd surroundings.


A Mom’s Christmas isn’t about herself.
A Mom’s life can’t be about herself. Or can it?


We have to make a choice. Everyday. Everyday we need to give up ourself.

I will speak for myself, It is HARD to chose the right.
And sometimes when I do all those things; I do them only because I HAVE to.

Doing it grudgingly, is just as wrong as not doing it at all.


The people in our life, can tell.
They can tell what we are choosing. Maybe even better than we can.


They can read if our actions are because we have to, our because we want to.
They can tell if our actions are done grudgingly, or done freely.
They can tell if our actions are for them or for our own sakes.
They can tell if we are having fun or faking it.
They can tell if we are choosing love.


What is Christmas about? Jesus coming to earth, He is leaving Heaven, he is coming down here to save us. He is giving up himself for our sake. He is giving up himself freely. Not grudgingly, not holding back. not grumbling. All in Love.

May this Christmas, we do the same for our husbands, and for our children.
Give willing,
Give freely,
Give without grudging.
Give without grumbling
Give with love.

All with Love.

Romans 12:10 Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourself.


So moms, aunts, and wives; this Christmas you still have everything on your list to do, you still will give up your day for the people around you, you will still have times of serving your family; this year, together, let’s choose love. Let’s choose fun. Let’s choose joy. Let’s choose self-sacrifice. Let’s choose love.


Join in the conversation! Are you choosing love this Christmas? How does giving yourself to your family look in your life?

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