How to Rethink Summer Break and Have No Regrets in the Fall

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For many of us homeschool mamas, we are wrapping up the school year! If you’re like me, summer holds so many promises.  Promises of rest, no grading or lesson plans for three whole months, swim dates, park outings, and reading a book in the hammock. 

Summer… moments of peace with nothing to do… Or is it?

That’s how it FEELS like it should be, but in all honesty, it just doesn’t look that good in real life. Lack of routine and extra free time can create bored kids. Bored kids create fights, bickering, and picking at each other. Bored kids create more messes and eat more snacks. It just doesn’t sound like the summer I was picturing. Sigh.

In the past, I’ve stood at the edge of summer with great and high expectations: the list I was going to accomplish, the cleaning I was going to get done, the preparation for next school year, the special days we were going to have. . . All to get to the end of summer and realize I spent it playing catch up and cleaning up messes three steps behind my kids. I got to the end of summer tired rather than rested and ready to get back to school with a routine. A whole summer wasted.

I began to realize I needed to rethink summer “break”!

I’m sharing the TWO things I’ve been doing to rethink summer break! Read the rest of the article on Teach Them Diligently’s blog.  An be sure to check out the printables that they created to help you have the best summer yet!!

How to Rethink Summer Break And Have No Regrets In The Fall

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