Letting Our Kids Grow Up On Their Own Time with author and speaker Sherri Seligson

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A couple of years ago Sherri told me a story that breathed hope into my homeschool mom life. Today I get the extreme honor of letting you hear this same story!
I’m so excited to have Sherri as a guest on the podcast today!  I think this episode will remind you that even if it “seems” like your kids are behind… they really are not. Sherri shares practical ways to cheer your child on without labeling or pushing them too hard. She also reminds us that motherhood is important.
Listen in you will find out that — You ARE doing a good job.
Be sure to follow Sherri on all the socials @SherriSeligson, her website at www.sherriseligson.com, and YouTube also at Sherri Seligson.
Give it a listen at

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