A True Relationship


As busy moms/wives/women, we need to have some way to keep us afloat when the days get rough. We need something to keep us going when the days get long. We have to have something that lasts way beyond our “12 hour shift”. We need to have something to see us through the night shifts with sick children. Something that works during those hard days when the children skip their naps and become grump-monsters. We need something to give us one more boost of energy to invest time into our marriage after we’ve laid the last child in bed. One more boost of energy before flopping into bed ourselves. We need something to help when WE are the ones that are sick on the couch, watching the house become a disaster right before our eyes. We need something to get us through the ‘5 o’clock’ hour, when we realize we are out of ground beef and the menu says ‘tacos’.

We need something more than just coffee. We need something more than a Coke. We need something more than a yummy package of Oreos (or even better yet Reese’s Peanut Butter Valentine Hearts). Now there is the BEST, chocolate and peanut butter. Nothing helps more than that. . . or does it? It helps for about 10 minutes, then you need another one and another one and another one. You can picture it right? Tell me you have tried it too?

It doesn’t work, does it?
Coffee isn’t lasting. The cup of Coke, gone so fast.
Even the yummiest mixture of chocolate & peanut butter is NOT lasting.

We need a Lasting solution.
We need a solution that we can go back to everyday.


Let me tell you what solution I found. Or more so WHO I found!
Jesus is Lasting.
Jesus is always there.
Jesus never runs out.


We need Jesus. We need a relationship with Him to make it through. A relationship. A true relationship.


I imagine we’ve all experienced friendships that were one sided. The friend who came to you only when she needed something? You’ve had that, right? Well, Jesus is the recipient of that kind of friendship quite often. People, even moms, even Christians, even I (did I say that?), can fall into this trap. We, (or I!), run to Jesus only with requests; we only run to Jesus when we need Him. This is not how He WANTS it to be.


Yes, He wants to satisfy your every need. Yes, He wants to protect you. Yes, He wants to provide for you. He wants to hear your heart. He wants to get your praise. At the end of the day, He wants to be your hero! He wants to save your day! He wants to talk to you; He wants to commune with you.


He WANTS to be the one you run to – before food, before a Coke, before a coffee, and before you blow your top.



He wants it to be an amazing relationship,

But He does not want it to be a ONE-sided relationship.
He wants it to be a TWO-sided friendship.
Jesus wants to be your friend.
He wants to hear your needs, yet He ALSO wants YOU to hear His concerns.
He wants to hear your worries, yet He ALSO wants to share His thoughts with you.
He wants to hear what you are feeling, yet He wants to share things on His heart.
He wants a two-way friendship. He wants a relationship with YOU.

As moms, as wives, really as Children of God, we can’t afford NOT to need Him. We can not afford to live our days without a relationship with Him. He will be our lifeline through the tough days. He will help us through the hard nights. He is the Only constant. We can not afford to do this thing called life without Him.


I pray you feel that need. Not just to “play the part” and go thru the motions (as I am guilty of), but to STOP and realize you NEED Jesus for life; that you need a strong relationship, a strong friendship with Jesus, the Friend of man.

How do you strengthen your relationship with Jesus?  Are you able to carve time into your schedule to spend time with Him every day?  Leave me a comment!!


And meanwhile, I have a BIG announcement, about this very topic! It is coming later this week!!! Stay Tuned!!! 🙂 🙂 Ekkkkk  I’m so Excited!!!  



**This article was first seen Titus2Ministeries Spring 2016 Edition**

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