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Sometimes it is easy for me to look around and be discouraged.  To wonder if God is really at work around me.  Easy for me to wonder if God is going to really fix something or really bring the miracle we need for a certain situation.

Recently as I was looking at the situation I was in, a thought came to me. What about looking back to where I used to be?  What about looking back to the progress I’ve made in the past year. 

I have to admit. Homeschooling has hard days. Yet, looking back to a year ago, I have learned so much about myself and my girls.  I have taken that knowledge and the freedom Christ gives me.  We have laid aside some of the lies that constrained us. We have made our school look like what works for us. Do I still have progress to make!  YES! Will our homeschool reviewer say we still need to do more writing. Yes!  Will he encourage us to read more? Yep. Is it perfect?  No, but it’s progress!

I have to admit.  Sometimes I look at the traditions that are held up so high, maybe even higher than Christ… And I get discouraged.  I hear the “hate” comments towards ministries that people are trying to start. I wonder, is it worth it?  Is it helping anyone? Is there anyone who needs encouraged? Anyone who will allow themselves to be encouraged in a non-traditional way? YET looking back to a year ago. There is progress. There are people being encouraged.  There are people who are ready to go out of the “traditions” box and learn.  There are people looking to Christ. People who are willing to stand up together and encourage each other in the Truth. People who are soaking it all up. Is it perfect? No, but it is progress.

In all of the situations I have running through my mind, I have one thought that overshadows them all.

God is Able!

I look at how much has happened in a year. In two years. Things I never thought possible. Really I think back to 3 years ago. And I was living so much for the future. So much so that I was unable to live in the moment of every day. (You can probably imagine how fun it was for my husband… Poor guy)  I remember him saying, “If things don’t get better, why are we even moving to another house?  I would rather stay here in this tiny place and have you feeling better than to have us move to that house with our dream kitchen and safer town.”  I look back.  I remember that moment. And I thought I could fix myself.  I thought if I just moved, then all my problems would be solved. I would get better.

That was so far from the truth. I can do NOTHING myself.

Yet, God is Able! 

In that new house He provided a little closet. A tiny little closet. In that little spot, He showed me He is Able!

He is able to change my heart.

He is able to give me a relationship with HIm.

He is able to change me into who He wants me to be.

He is able to change the situations I found myself up against.

Sometimes nothing got physically better.  Sometimes nothing in the circumstance changed.

My heart did though. My desire did though.

Now I can truly say that God is Able!

I have all these thoughts on my heart; meanwhile a friend of mine creates this amazing journal. She paints the flowers it and adds the words… He is Able!

I got a copy of this gorgeous journal. I know just what I’m going to do with it. I’m going to keep a record of those things that God has shown to me that He is Able!  I will fill it with prayer requests for dear friends. For burdens on my heart. Of physical things that I need miracles for. I know He is Able to turn every one of these burdens around.


Yet, I also know He is able to change my heart with these struggles. He can open my eyes. He can show me the good He wants to bring. Good through the tough things that He won’t change!

Whichever He chooses to do, I know He is able!

Friend, do you need a reminder that God is Able? Do you need proof written down in ink that God is able?

Join me in this! Start a ‘God is Able Journal’ with me! 

Grab a blank journal, a notebook, or go on over to my friend Jenna’s Etsy store and buy yourself one of these beautiful journals. And let’s get writing down the great things God has done. Let’s keep a record of the beautiful things He will do! Let’s look back and realize..

He is Able!

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