When UPS Misses Your House


Do you ever look out the window of your house and see the UPS truck headed down your street? Do you automatically scroll through your mind of the last online purchases you’ve made?  Trying to figure out what he is bringing to you today.

If you’re like me, there are times when I’m waiting for something specific.  I have my “big truck ears” on.  The slightest noise of a big truck brings me to the window. It might be waiting for that package I don’t want the kids to see, because it’s a birthday gift.  Or the ink for the printer that I needed a week ago and couldn’t send an invoice until I get new ink.  Or that new book that was just released.

Whatever it is, there can be excitement in watching that truck head in my direction.

And then..

It stops at the neighbors’ house. Passes my house all together.

Sometimes I think, “Hey dude, you will be back!  That email this AM said my package was coming today.  It’s in your truck. So sorry for you.  You are headed the wrong direction now.”

Sometimes I look at the package on my neighbors porch and think, “Hey, maybe that is really mine, and that driver got the wrong house.”

Sometimes that package on the neighbors’ porch says something fun, like Bose or Apple. Something I might become a little jealous of. Just saying.

Sometimes I have nothing ordered. And I know the UPS truck is not headed to my house. Yet I may be found looking longingly at what someone else is getting.

What about you?  Do you ever think like this? 

I think even if you don’t experience the same “UPS package envy” I have; I think maybe if you are like me there might be other areas where we’re doing the same thing.

What about our gifts? Talents? Calling?

Do you ever look at a “package” someone else has on their porch and wish it was yours? A talent someone else has and wish it was yours?

Do you ever see a “UPS truck” coming down the road and think it was coming for you?  A calling or a job headed your direction, and someone else is picked instead of you?

Do you ever see someone with a special package in a brightly colored box (Bose, Apple, etc) and wonder why you can’t have the same?  A seemingly easy life, or extra money, or children, or ….. And think, “Why doesn’t God give me that same thing?”

Just like packages on our neighbors porch, we don’t know what all comes with the “successes”, “gifts”, “talents”, and “callings” of other people. 

That package on the porch might be a new dishwasher… Because they’ve had a broken one for a year.

That Apple package you see and are tempted by might be paid with money from a grandfather’s inherence.  Your neighbor may have a great sorrow from his loss.

That package might be paperwork for the lawyer for that divorce your neighbors are going through.

That package might be the month’s supply of pills for the chronic disease your neighbor lives with every day.

It’s the same with the gifts, successes, talents, and callings other people might have.

They might have a gift of teaching, yet they struggle with discouragement every single day.

They might look successful as a business man, but their home is anything but a loving place to be.

They may be the ones with a coolest calling ever….to bake cupcakes, cakes and goodies, but they may have the stress of turning down the gay wedding cake and the fear of law suit.

We don’t know what other people have to carry.  We don’t always see the negative to someone’s gifts.  We don’t see the downside to someone’s successes.

Just like the packages on our neighbors’ porch. We have no idea why someone may need a blessing or gift or talent.  I’m going to bet that with every package, gift, talent or success, there is some measure of negative we wouldn’t want.

That, my friends, is why we must keep our eyes on the gifts we have!  

We must not look at our neighbors and wish to be them.  We must not try to use a gift that isn’t ours.  We must not compare the size of our gifts. Or compare the brand.

We must not anticipate the UPS man coming to our house.  Looking out to the road we may miss the package already at our door step. We may miss the joy in life that is right in front of us.

Do you want help seeing those gifts right in front of you? 

I’m doing a workshop tomorrow. 8pm. Online. I’d love to have you join me!  If you are unable to make it at 8, be sure to register anyways. You can watch the recording whenever you have time!  Also, included when you register are some printables – to help you journal your gifts!  Click over here to find out more! Click here to register!  Be sure to register by NOON tomorrow!

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