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Do you ever feel like you are nothing great?  Do you ever feel like the little you do for the world is not helping anyone?

I mean really, that laundry, those cookies, the dishes, the dust, the mud. . .  Those things, everyday messes.  Our everyday messes are not witnessing to the lost in Africa, they are not a missionary to Hatti, they are not making a difference in the world. But are they?

Let me tell you something, dear friend.  Let me share a Little Lesson I’m learning.

Today is Math Class.


If you have 3 cookies and you cut them in half.  You get 6 cookies.  2 x 3 = 6

You have 6 loaves of bread and you cut them each in half.  You multiply.  6 times 2 equals 12.


You have 2 parents that teach Christ to their 4 children.

Those Children, in turn touch each two people’s lives.

You multiply. 4 x 2 = 8  So now we have eight people touched by the Gospel.

They multiply.  They each share their joy with another 3 people.

8 x 3 = 24.

And on it goes.

Does our work really matter?  Does teaching the small children we have really count as a mission field?

Yes, and Yes!

Keep doing that laundry, that cooking, that slow steady teaching, that slow character building on your children. Because friends, our God wants to multiply our work!

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