Starting a Job

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I started a job last week. On average I’ll clock about 30 hours a week.
I used to wonder why nothing else in the house got done when I was homeschooling. This year, I’m accepting it as a real job. Treating myself with grace when other things don’t get finished. (Like supper. Maybe this week I’ll have energy to make supper?) but hey, payday is coming! ?
I’d show you first day pictures of my students, but they were half hearted.
So instead I’ll show you my teacher desk ? I’m LOVING this sign that my friend had custom made for me! #satanisaloser #homeschoolmom #ttdhomeschoolspace #homeschooler #weekoneisdone #homeschoolmama

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  1. A big fat loser! Thanks for making me laugh this morning…. I absolutely. love. the sign. What a way to announce it. 🙂 And the job status? I’m taking it to heart- perhaps I can squelch some of the guilt for not reaching around. For not being super mom. For my pathetic cooking. It’s a job people!

    So thanks for the encouragement. I needed this!

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