When Motherhood Feels Like a Wilderness; Part two. Moses and Mama; the calling they didn’t want

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Have you ever found yourself some where you never thought you’d be? Found yourself doing something you didn’t ever dream of … or never wanted to do.
Perhaps it’s you wanted children and didn’t get them, perhaps it’s a job you didnt want and you have it now, maybe a marriage that didn’t turn out “happily ever after”
Moses found himself with a calling I don’t think he ever set out to have; being a mom figure for 4.5 million grumbling, complaining, whining people.
Before he  could accept this calling he had lies that he had to sift thru. Things he thought and reasons he didnt want to accept the calling. This week we are chatting about those lies.
We are chatting about how God’s responses to Moses’ lies might be the answers you need as you try to accept a calling you may not have ever wanted.

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