Musings of a Hurt Toe … and the Body of Christ


This new podcast episode is a bit of musings about things I learned in the middle of the night as I dealt with a painful toe. Seems kind of silly to even write that, but go give it a listen. I think you will look at the body a little differently.

I speak first to myself, but I think you can relate… when we are hurting with something that others can’t see. When we are stopped in our tracks… discouraged, worried, fearful… There is a piece missing from the body. And of course, satan loves that. Satan doesn’t mind how he does it, he likes the body to stop working together.

God doesn’t need any of us. Yet He gets joy and pleasure when we as a body of Christians work together, when we hurt when others hurt and when we go out and be the part of the body we were created to be. That brings Him glory!

I hope you will come away with the reminder that EVERY part is important, every part is needed, and every part needs to care for each other.


Go give it a listen :

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