Satan is still a loser.


One of the tricks satan uses on me is to convince me that my words don’t matter.
He convinces me to stop writing.


It’s a hard lie to sift through because that lie is partly truth — my words may not matter to anyone else.




I need them for me. I need to write to process. I need to write to worship. It fills me with energy and excitement for life. It fills me with joy for doing the rest of the day. I need to write for me, even if no one ever sees what I write.


I must keep on writing.


Unfortunately that isn’t the only lie satan brings up to get me to stop writing.

“You are stupid”
“Why did you just put yourself out there?”
“They are laughing at you!”
“Everyone is thinking you are stupid for doing this.”
“No one is going to like it”


Again, those lies may partly be true. But none of that matters if I’ve done what God asked me to do. That is all that counts.


satan is relentless.


He tells me I should hide now. That I should be embarrassed by having my writing inside the end product. {Homeschool Mom’s Devotional book, see last post}


I have to go digging up more truth to combat his lies.


The truth is God knew what my writing is like. He knew exactly how this book would turn out. (Tight margins and all) He is not up there cringing at how it all turned out. He’s not up there wishing I hadn’t put any words inside the book.


No, He is not embarrassed by me.


Friend, is satan trying to get at you?


Do you need a place to start fighting? Combat the lies with the TRUTH:

Satan is a LIAR and a THIEF. He is out to rob and steal anything that is good. (Especially the thoughts inside our head.)


God is not embarrassed at you. God sees your obedience and HE is the only one that matters.

{And when satan does get into your thoughts telling you lies — let your friends pick you back up and your husband kick you out to a coffee shop so you can get your head back on straight and start fighting that ole devil.} #satanisaloser

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