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The church is full of people.  Busy people.  Sometimes busy with the wrong things.  Busy with the gossip, busy with the proving their own point, busy with judging another person’s appearance, busy with worrying that someone else’s actions will mess their own lives, busy with fighting.  Busy people.
Do we ever get distracted as a church?
Do we lose focus of what we are really supposed to be doing?
Do you ever think God wants to stand in front of us on Sunday Morning and just ask each one of us
“WHAT are you supposed to be doing?”  
. . . . . To the gal who is running to church leadership and tattling on her Sister-in-Christ.
. . . . . To the teen who is wasting hours and hours on social meeting making sure he is up-to-date on his girl crush.
. . . . .  To the nosey grandma who is whispering bits of (maybe not even true) info to her friends.
. . . . .  To the two Brothers-in-Christ that are fighting which method of prayer to use in formal worship.
. . . . .  To the person looking on and judging someone else’s outfit, shoes or hair-do.
. . . . .  To the lady who gossips about the new couple, the hospitalized child, the bad toddlers running thru church.
. . . . .  To the Brother, judging another, because of what version of the Bible, kinds of books or types of ministries they involve their family in.
. . . . .  To the gals doing the meal, who are looking down on the young, strung-out mom, who doesn’t sign up to bring a pie.
. . . . .  To the Sunday school teacher worried about the other classes lesson, or the lack of confidence he has in the other teacher’s lesson.
I said in my last post.  “So often, when fights arise, tattling starts, and grumbling is voiced; the child involved is NOT doing what they are suppose to be doing right then.”
And I wonder?  Does this same statement fit my church today? Does it fit your church today?
When the fights arise – When the tattling starts – When the grumbling is voiced –
Is the Person, the Brother, the Sister, whoever it is that is involved;
are they doing what they are suppose to be doing?

Does Jesus want us to be running to the church leadership tattling on other people?
OR does He want us to be looking at our own life and seeing what area we need to be growing in?
Does He want us to be spend unreasonable amount of time keeping up with social media?
OR does He want us to trust HIM to bring us the right spouse at the right time?
Does God want us to be whispering bits of maybe, kind-of, sort-of ‘true’ bits of news
OR should we be praying for each person involved?
Does He want us to be fighting over prayer preferences?
OR does Jesus want us to be trusting the Holy Spirit’s to lead each person?
Should we be judging another Sister or Brother’s clothes, hair and shoes?
OR does He want us to show love, and truly be a friend to each person?
Does Jesus want us to be gossiping?
OR does He want us to be focusing on our own talents and to be doing our own calling?
Does He want us to be judging another Brother for how they lead their family?
OR does He want us to look at our own family and be intentional about leading them to Christ?
Does He want us to look down at the strung-out mom and wonder why she NEVER helps in the kitchen?
OR is He calling us to go help her with her young ones, pray for her and lighten her load anyway possible?
Does Jesus want us to worry about another teachers’ Sunday School lesson preparations?
OR Is He asking us to read our own Bibles and prepare our own hearts for teaching?
As a church we DO need to be busy.
We need to be busy DOING what we are supposed to be doing.
We need to find out what we are suppose to be doing.
If we ask, God will tell us.  He will show us what we are supposed to be doing.
He will reveal to us what our own special calling is.
He has a Special calling for each of us.
Today, Jesus asks each of us, as an individual,  “Are you doing what you are supposed to be doing?”
For if each member of the church is doing what THEY are supposed to be doing;
There will be Great peace.  Great unity. Great love.  And God will be magnified.

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