I Missed It

It was an early morning, the day loomed in front of me. I had several things weighing on my heart. The feelings of anxiety were overwhelming. Relationship drama swirled around me. My heart hurt with the sting of rejection. I had a list of friends to pray for. Then there was the never ending mom-to-do list… Somehow the kids kept sleeping so I poured it all out to God in prayer. I wrote in my journal. I spent time just enjoying the quiet. Life stood still for me as I worked through all the emotions.


Those quiet moments never last long enough! Of course, the rest of the house woke up and I started the day. I was feeling better though. (I always feel better after crying out to God.)  Midway through the day I reached into my memory bank to pull out the truth God had shared with me that morning. You know, that hope that I needed to cling to in order to take the next hour head on? But it was missing.
I had missed opening up my Bible that morning.  I had missed the opportunity to hear from Him! What message did He have waiting inside the pages of the Bible? What message had He prepared for me to carry through my day?


I whispered questions in prayer, but I missed hearing the answers.
I journaled each of the rejections staring me in the face, but I missed hearing the acceptance He wanted to offer me.
I prayed for several friends, but I had missed His reassurance that He was taking care of each situation.
I looked over my mile-long to-do list, but I missed the perspective shift His Word brings.


Answers, acceptance, comfort . . . I’m sure He had a message for me hidden inside the pages of the Bible, but I had missed it.


Jesus once asked his disciples if they wanted to leave Him, like so many of the others that were offended by his words.
But Simon Peter answered Jesus: “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.”


Yes. So true. How could I have missed that? Whispering my sorrows in prayer is a balm for my soul. Praying for friends is wonderful. Journaling is therapy for my heart. But the Bible has words that bring me LIFE!


Why did I miss it?


Friend, I wonder about you. Today you have a chance to pick up the Bible and read it. You have a chance to hold the Word of Life in your hands. Will you take advantage of the opportunity? Or will you (like me) miss it?


God is the only one with the words of eternal life. He is the only one that will fill you to overflowing. Please don’t miss it. Open your Bible today.


**This article was first published in the winter edition of Titus 2 Newsletter.**

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