Simply Being – Be Thankful and Praise

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We each have something to be thankful for.  So, let’s do it. Stop and give yourself a moment to be thankful.  List a couple things.

I’m sure at the top of your list is your Salvation.  I’m sure it’s one of the biggest things we remember to be thankful for.  God sending His Son, Jesus being willing to die for our sins, and the Holy Spirit then coming and living inside us.

Did you finish your list?

Did you get your kidneys on that list?  Oh, you missed that one?! Don’t you like your blood to be filtered and the poison to leave your body?

Did you get the moon on that list?  Don’t you like the tides, the fact we have a month, and the beauty of a full moon.

I’m sure you’ve got your people on that list, spouse, children, friends? What about your mail lady? Oh, you don’t like someone delivering your mail right to your mailbox? Maybe you’d rather not hear from anyone.  Oh, you just get bills? Me too, right! LOL  You’d rather live without electricity so you can stop getting any bills?


Ok, so there is a lot that we can be thankful for, right?  There is always something more we can think of. Chances are we don’t even notice it until it is gone.  

Well, here is the important part of this week’s theme. PRAISE.

We can be thankful for every.single.thing. but, too often we don’t take it one step further.  We forget to Praise the Maker and Giver of all these things.

We may not immediately figure out that God is behind all that we are thankful for. I mean, God doesn’t send the electric through the wires to our house. BUT, He is behind it ALL. He was there and gave the very first electric wire inventor the exact knowledge he needed in order to make it happen. He was there the very moment a transformer was designed to make electricity.

He is in every single thing we are thankful for. EVERY SINGLE THING!

So let’s praise Him!


  • singing is definitely on the list
  • saying it with words. “I Praise You, Lord!”
  • serving is a praise to Him
  • worshiping
  • praying
  • being still, meditating, reading His Word is a praise
  • using our gifts and talents for His Glory

What about hard situations? Tough, tough things.  Do we praise Him for that? I won’t rewrite it all here. You can go read this post about being thankful in the hard. Friends, I know that in the hard is where we grow. In the hard stuff is when we are close, very close to God. There is always reason to praise God. Even in the Hard.

So let’s do it, girls, let’s not just stop at being thankful. Let’s remember to praise the God behind everything we are thankful for. For He is our maker and the giver of it all. He is worthy of our praise! Whether we are in a hard time or an easy time, He is worthy of our praise!


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